most common orthodontic conditions

The Most Common Orthodontic Conditions Explained

Orthodontics is a dental specialization that found necessity because of the many people who suffer from similar dental problems that can only be treated by a licensed orthodontist. Dr. Maya Oliver is an expert orthodontist near Foxhall DC who, alongside the talented team at Georgetown Orthodontics, help to rectify these most common orthodontic conditions.

There is a specific way that teeth should be situated in a person’s mouth that encourages proper chewing, oral health, and personal comfort. This is referred to as a “bite” and it is incredibly rare for a person to be born with a perfect one. Dr. Oliver strives to help create an optimum bite for all of our patients!

The Most Common Orthodontic Conditions

Chances are, if you have visited an orthodontist, you have been diagnosed with one of a few, specific conditions. But, what exactly do they mean? Here are the most common orthodontic conditions, explained:

  •         Underbite: The lower, front teeth protrude in front of the upper front teeth when shut.
  •   Overbite: Opposite of an underbite, the bottom front teeth sit in front of the top front teeth, when shut
  •         Crowding: This is exactly what it sounds like! Essentially, there is not enough room for teeth to sit appropriately on the jaw, so they settle very close to each other.
  •         Spaced Teeth: The opposite of crowding, this occurs when teeth sit too far away from each other.
  •         Openbite: When the teeth and the jaw do not meet. This can make chewing difficult and is often caused by childhood thumb sucking..
  •         Crossbite: Misalignment between upper and lower front teeth, upper and lower back teeth, or both. This can also make chewing difficult!

As an orthodontist near Washington DC, Dr. Oliver and the team at Georgetown Orthodontics have witnessed and corrected countless patients displaying these most common orthodontic conditions. The most common form of corrective treatment is braces. They don’t just help to align teeth, but can be used to help rectify conditions affecting the jaw, itself. Reaching out to an expert orthodontist will not only help improve your quality of life. It will help you create the beautiful smile you have always wanted!

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