Damon Smile

Damon Smile is more than just straight teeth! The philosophy behind this system is to correct tooth positions while also considering the esthetics of the face. Damon braces use passive self-ligating technology and high-tech arch wires to create extraordinary results.  Dr. Oliver understands that some patients may be concerned with the appearance of metal, therefore her patients have the option of clear Damon braces if they desire a more aesthetically pleasing smile during treatment.

Why Choose Damon Smile?

Unlike traditional braces, Damon braces are unique in that the arch wires do not need to be tied down with heavy elastic or metal ties.  Instead, each Damon bracket has a built-in door that can be opened to insert the arch wire then closed to secure it in place.  Due to this passive relationship between the arch wire and the brackets, less friction is placed on the teeth.  Studies have shown that less friction has been linked to faster tooth movement resulting in overall shorter treatment times.

When heavy elastics are used to hold the arch wires in place, as with traditional braces, more visits are needed to replace the ties due to loss of elasticity.  Once elasticity is lost the arch wires are not engaged as well into the brackets.  Damon does not require elastic ties, therefore frequent visits to replace them are not needed.  Patients with Damon Smile require less chair time and fewer appointments, both of which are important to patients who have busy schedules.

We often hear horror stories about the discomfort associated with braces, however with today’s technological advances in orthodontics these stories have become more myth than truth.   Because Damon utilizes the self-ligation technology where the use of heavy elastic or metal ties is not needed, less friction is placed on the teeth decreasing the feeling of tightness during treatment.   As a result patients typically feel less discomfort as the teeth move into a better position.